Weight Loss at a Glance

22 07 2010

Here are the graphs of my weight since the beginning of this experiment.  Each one is a single 21-day round:

And all three jammed together (the red lines just connect Day 1 of each round, to make a sort of poor-man’s trendline):


Round 3: Day 14, Post 1

24 07 2010

I have decimated my body. Not in the modern, “totally destroyed” sense of the word, but in the original, Roman sense. Of the pounds I started with, one in ten of them are now gone. Yep, today I weighed in at 288.0 lbs., and thus I’ve lost 10% of my starting body weight.

The changes are notable. I feel better, people notice that I’ve lost weight, and my pants are much more gangsta, even when I’m wearing my belt at the smallest hole. It is good to be less of me!

Round 3: Day 12, Post 1

22 07 2010

I’ve been neglecting to update this blog, mainly because it’s become so repetitive.  “My weigh-in says X, I’m surprised at how easy this still is, etc.”

This morning I was down to 289.4 lbs., which puts me within striking distance of 288.3 lbs., which is the point at which I’ll have lost 10% of my starting mass.  I feel good and I apparently look a lot better (a couple of people have noticed the weight loss without me saying anything).

If you’re reading this because you’re not sure whether it really works, well, at least for me, it does… so far at least.  I’ve been graphing my weight, and while it’s a bumpy line (due to the alternating day schedule), the overall trend shows that I haven’t plateaued yet.  I haven’t hit the two month mark yet, and I’ve lost 30 pounds without really doing any work at all.  I’m awfully pleased.

Thanks again to Jen, who turned me on to this whole crazy idea and convinced me that it was possible (mainly by losing a substantial amount of weight herself).  I’m very grateful.

Round 2: Day 13, Post 1

2 07 2010

After eating rather too much at a local Mexican restaurant yesterday, today’s weigh-in placed me at 299.4 pounds.  Still under 300, and today’s a fast day, so I think I’m golden.

I’m kind of running out of things to talk about here.  How many ways can one say “The weight keeps coming off and it’s not really hard at all!”?

Round 2: Day 12, Post 1

1 07 2010

I can’t get over how easy this diet has turned out to be!  I’m a month into it, I’ve lost over twenty pounds, and I’m not seething with resentment and dying to quit.  I could maintain this for a long time.

297.4 pounds today.  The 300s are receding into history; I hope I never see the likes of them again.

Round 2: Day 11, Post 1

30 06 2010

Up to 300.2 pounds, but since yesterday was the eaty sort of day, I’m cool with that.  Fasting again today, and I expect to see things starting with a “3” a lot less frequently from here on out.

Round 2: Day 10, Post 1

29 06 2010

Ha!  This morning’s weight: 299.8 lbs.

Woohoo!  I think I’ll celebrate by setting a new interim goal: 275 lbs.

I’m feeling good.